My Grandmother Remembers Me!

The last couple of years, my grandmother’s become quite frail.  Just only a few years ago, she still had the strength to stand, and walk a few steps on her own, speak loudly and clearly, and feed herself with normal utensils.  But since then, things have been going downhill.  She’s become weak, unable to even stand, or rotate her body in bed.  Her memory’s been failing, and often forgets who everyone is.  I’d visit and she could only assume I’m her grandchild by what I call her, but she wouldn’t remember who I was.  But over the last few weeks, her health has gradually improved, with some regular exercising, daily nutritious meals, she’s been regaining some strength.  It’s considerably minimal, but the difference is apparent.

At her birthday a few weeks back, she was wide awake as we treated her to her favorite foods!  She always eats well when she is given food she enjoys!  McDonalds fries with ketchup, fried chicken from churches, and pizza of any kind!  She still had trouble remembering who’s who that day, but was alert enough to joke with me a little.  She was starting to look more lively.  She was smiling more often!

I can still remember last August/September, my grandmother would forget who her family was.  Her daughters and sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I would visit her regularly and she wouldn’t remember who I was.  Even my mom who saw her even more regularly than I did, would be mistaken…..

But today.  Today was different.  Today, after picking up a couple things from the Red Cross for my grandmother, I stopped by with my mom to drop the stuff off.  When I stepped into her room, I said “Hi grandma!” to her, followed by the usual question “Do you know who I am?”  To my delightful surprise, she said, “Of course!  You’re Melody!”  All of this was, of course, spoken in Chinese.  It made me so happy, seeing such improvement in her health and her memory!  She is no longer pale.  No longer just skin and bones.  Her eyes are now open wide, unlike before, when they would only be half open.  And you could hear her when she speaks, so much so that there is emotion in her words!  She is no longer confused between day and night, no longer confused when spoken to or moved around.  My grandmother is finally getting better!

She made my day.  🙂

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McDonalds is just as good a place as any for a date!

This is what made me smile today.

McDonalds is as good a place as any to have a date with Mom!  I love spending time with my family, and even more when it’s one-on-one.  As we get older, the amount of time we spend with family, especially quality time where you can talk about stuff, becomes rare.  we’re too busy with work, with friends, with our significant others, or even with hockey! to be able to find time to spend with our family.  And so when the opportunity presents itself, I take it!

Today, we went to McDonalds for lunch.  Having gotten off to a late start to my day, lunch was not made, and realizing how much grocery shopping and running around was to be done, I decided to treat my mom to some McDonalds!  Her favorite is their Filet-O-Fish.  Actually, I think that’s a favorite of a lot of Asians!  As we ate, I reminisced on the days when my brothers and I were still young, and we’d go shopping at Metrotown on the weekends, and then finish off with a meal at McDonalds!  This was back when they had pizza.  She vaguely remembers this, while in my mind, it was as vivid as the DQ date I had last night with LT & JK.  Anyway, so the conversation continues on to other topics, talks about things that if I were to try to repeat to you, you’d only be confused because like anyone who knows me well, they will tell you that I cannot tell stories.

I think it is more the fact that I’m having this one-on-one time with my mom that makes me happy.  This is how a family should be.  This is how parents and children should be.  This is how I want to be when I have children of my own.  🙂

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Nothing quite like it…..

So many things have made me smile over the last couple weeks, but I’ve been spending so much time enjoying them that I haven’t had time to blog about them!  Like what?  Dinner at a little hidden French restaurant, Richmond Night Market (twice in a weekend), Bridesmaids with the bridesmaids, playing Cupid for the first time, enjoying the beauty that BC has to offer through something as simple as a stroll and a hike on a perfect spring day, being treated to a play by a friend who knows me well enough to know that I’d enjoy it as much as he does (plus he thinks I’m really “mom-like”), Korean food with a friend who enjoyed it just as much as I did, cheesecake with strawberries at Cheesecake etc.,……and the list goes on!

So what made me smile tonight?  Just now, feeling the cold from the rain tonight, I warmed up with a nice hot shower using my favorite scent of bodywash, Sheer Freesia by Bath and Bodyworks.  And now, I say goodnight, and fall asleep into my cozy bed.  🙂

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Being Remembered

What a great day to be starting my “Why I Smile Each Day” series.  As we get older, we start to focus more and more on the things that ruin our day, and forget about the things that make us smile.  So today, as I embark on the 29th year of my life, I will share and document the things that made me smile, laugh, or feel loved.  All of the wonderful things that I will experience will be shared with you here.

So why did I smile today?  The overwhelming number of birthday wishes from friends and family reminded me of how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.  No presents could ever make me feel as loved as the words and actions of the people around me……even if they are starting rumours…..Eric, Francis, Richard……

One of the greatest joys in life are to know that you are remembered.  Thank you everyone who remembered.  🙂

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Midnight hasn’t even hit yet

I’m starting this blog at 11:53pm and I’ve already received an overwhelming number of wall posts on Facebook wishing me a Happy Birthday.  I’ve been so very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.  But what’s more is this the comments on my wall post “OH NO!  The secrets out!”……… even the boss caught wind of it!  Good thing my boss doesn’t believe FB!

I love my life.  🙂  Never a boring moment!

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A Little Secret Place on Main St

Months ago, I was introduced to this little place on Main that supposedly had amazing XLB [小籠包].  And boy were they good!  This place isn’t your average restaurant.  It’s a small little place that seats maybe 30 at most, and half the time, you’ll be sharing a table with someone after waiting for 30 minutes.  The line-up there is usually pretty substantial, but it’s certainly worth the wait, and really, 30 min isn’t that long.  I wouldn’t call it ridiculous.

So for Mother’s Day today, we decided to take my mom there for dinner. This time, with the 5 of us, we were able to try more foods.

So first thing’s first.  When you go to this place, you must order their XLB, because if you don’t, you’d just be insulting your taste buds.  (sorry, no picture for this b/c I was too eager and forgot to take one)

Second thing that I must have, is their beef roll.  As described by my brothers, it’s like eating peking duck, but beefy.  Here’s the last piece waiting to be devoured by me in the seconds to follow.

The wrap is this soft and chewy, but somewhat deep fried, flat bread.  In it, is layered with sliced beef that’s been well seasoned, placed ontop of a bit of sweet sauce, and then some cilantro.  It’s rolled up so that when you bite in, you get all of the tasty goodness in one bite.

So beyond these two essential items, what else is there?  So we looked around, and because the place is so small, you could easily see what people were having.  Right by the door, this family had this big clay pot sitting on their table.  It looked so good we had to order it.  So what made it look so good?  Well, my words simply don’t do it justice, but I’ll try anyway.

This dish is called Chicken Wonton Soup.  Well, that’s what the owner called it.  It’s a clay pot full of soup that’s cooked from 1/2 a chicken, Chinese ham, dried red dates, goji berries, some bok choy, and a lot of wontons!  TASTY!  I’m telling you, it is well worth the $26.00 you pay for it.  It’s so filling that we had trouble eating the rest of our food!

So next up, we ordered drunken chicken, which is served warm here, and according to the men in my family, it tasted pretty good.  Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this one too.

The next two I only got to take a small taste of it because I was simply too full from the Beef Wrap, XLB, and Soup w/ Dumplings.  But one of the 2, the Lion’s Head is considered a traditional Shanghainese dish.  It’s a pork meatball that’s braised in a broth/sauce with veggies.  Often, people will mix in some ground fish into the ground pork mixture too, which gives it better texture and flavour.  I didn’t even get to eat any of the meatball, only tasted the sauce it was served in.  The other thing was Wuxi Style Spareribs.  That one was very tasty, not chewy at all, and flavourful throughout.  Here’s a picture of the two.  The Lion’s Head is the one up front, and the ribs are in the back.

So that was our meal.  Filling, and worth every penny!  Taxes in, I think it came to about $21.00 per person.  We had sufficient left overs to bring home, so I’d say it was worth the money.

So how did I do in my first food post?  I realize I didn’t mention the name of this restaurant, but that was on purpose, because it’s just sooooo good, and sooooo busy, that I just want to keep them to myself….and the person who introduced me to it.  🙂  Maybe if you’re nice, I’ll tell you……… we’ll see.

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Lying in Bed

Before I get started on my first PROPER post, I’d like to wish all mothers, and especially my own, a very happy Mother’s Day!

So I guess there’s not much to write about at this moment really.  Nothing’s happened between when I went to bed late last night and just now when I woke up.  Even the sleep seemed uneventful.  Unlike most nights this past week, last night, my duvet seemed barely touched when I woke up this morning.  I must have been pretty exhausted to not even move in my sleep.

So I lie here in my bed now, trying to learn the ins and outs of this blogging business.  I like that it’s so easy to make entries, but why does the rest of it seem so confusing?  As I learn more about customizing my blog, the cherry blossom header will have to do for now.

I’m looking forward to being able to blog about the wonderful things and the less wonderful things that I encounter daily.  I’ll finally be able to talk about my love for pastry arts!  And do a bit of food blogging myself.  I’m always trying to be crafty so that’s gonna be something that I’ll be posting on.  And finally, finger and toes crossed, I’ll be able to post this November about my trip to Korea!

Ok, I think it’s time to get out of bed and get cracking on my studies.  Just a few more weeks and these 2 courses are DONE!

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So that took all of…….20 minutes to setup my account.  It would have taken only 5 minutes had I followed the very simple and direct instructions given to me by Mafia, but no, I was too blind to see what she was telling me to click on.

So anyway, in a late late night discussion, I was convinced by my dear friend Mafia that it would be a good idea for me to start blogging.  Thanks Maf, I was supposed to be working on my Chem 12, but instead, have now spent more than 5 minutes setting this up and then typing up my first blog.  I still love you!

Alright, that should be enough blogging for now.  Let’s look forward to a proper and more entertaining blog tomorrow.

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