So much to tell, so little energy left!

Today marks the end of the first day of my last 2 wks in S. Korea! (did that confuse you?????) It’s been a blast the last 1.5 wks here! So much has happened! But it’s a little late right now, and I don’t have much energy to really do a full update of the last 10 days, so let’s sum it up! Food’s been great! We’ve missed a few meals here and there, but really it’s because we’ve been eating non-stop around town, wherever we go! So by the time dinner rolls around, we’re not hungry. Loving the street food! FISH WAFFLES! And discovered these walnut cakes that are filled with redbean paste and a piece of walnut! DELICIOUS! As well, there are these rice snacks, like puffed rice (not rice krispy) with a tiny bit of sugar to hold it together! They’re like poor people snacks, but those are usually the best, right? Stick to the basics! We’ve visited some wonderful places and the people here have been very kind and welcoming! We’ve also done a ridiculous amount of shopping, but that was going to be a given anyway!

That’s it for now, I think. Don’t have much energy after having spent the day running around town! It was a beautiful but cold day. đŸ™‚ The weather sure changes drastically around here! Last week we arrived to warm temperatures that made us sweat, and wear very light clothing, even in the evenings. After the thunderstorms on Saturday, it’s dropped at least 10+ degrees! Chilly! Good thing I love Korean Kimchi Hotpot Stews! Can’t wait to have more of it!

Will post more later when I have a quieter day. Goodnight all!


About five8teen

Sometimes known to be "One of the Guys", but genetically I'm "XX". I'm a bit all over the place to be honest. But that's what keeps my days interesting I guess, and I'm never truly bored. So to keep track of this randomness so that 40 years down the road I can still look back and remember what I did on May 8/2011, I took the advice of a dear friend, and started this blog.
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