Making Dreams Come True

I think it was in 2002 or 2003 that my fascination with Korea began.  It was my then co-worker who lent me my first K-Drama series, Autumn Love story.  That was succeeded by similarly tragic dramas, such as Winter Sonata.  When I switched jobs in 2004, I became deprived of these ever so addictive heart breaking and tear jerking stories.  A few years later, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Drama Fever!  And it was then, that my  passion for Korea came rushing back in full force!

Fast forward to 2 years later.  Today.  I now sit at Gate D66, awaiting the boarding call for my 3am flight.  Ever since I watched my first K-Drama, it was a dream of mine to visit South Korea.  I had fallen in love with all that South Korea had to offer.  From it’s traditions, to architecture, to culinary delights, to mesmerizing pop stars like Rain (Bi), I was ready to immerse myself into it without hesitation.  But of course, knowing me, I hesitate at just about everything.  Calculated risks are the only risks I take, and only if the calculations are in my favor.

So as I sit here, with the time nearing 1:30am, I slowly wind down, and count the minutes until I can board the first leg of my trip which will take me to Korea.  What awaits me?  Warm days, and chilly nights?  Maybe a little less rain than what Vancouver has been so generously offering?  Varieties of foods, whether it is a hole in the wall, or a cart on the street, or at a restaurant that claims authenticity, but in fact caters to foreigners.  Or maybe the prospect of successfully stalking a K-Pop star?  And let’s not forget about wholesale mall shopping?  I’ve heard great things about those malls, being open until early mornings when one should really be sleeping rather than shopping.

This trip will surely be one for the memories.  And lucky me!  I just bought a new camera.  Now if I could just figure out how to use it properly.  There will surely be many more posts to come, and maybe even a bit of vlogging if I manage to learn how to use iMovie.

So be patient, and keep your eyes peeled for more postings!  I can’t wait to share my dream with you!


About five8teen

Sometimes known to be "One of the Guys", but genetically I'm "XX". I'm a bit all over the place to be honest. But that's what keeps my days interesting I guess, and I'm never truly bored. So to keep track of this randomness so that 40 years down the road I can still look back and remember what I did on May 8/2011, I took the advice of a dear friend, and started this blog.
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