Sorry, it’s been a while…..

Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post.  Been too busy with activities…… or too lazy to post.  Anyway, a million things have happened since my last post.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS TO LILLIAN AND ISAAC!  They got married July 9th and it’s been a month + 1 days for the happily married couple!  Time flies when you’ve been on a 3 week honeymoon!  Oh!  That and it flies when you’re having fun too.  :p

Secondly, I have not seen my grandmother in about a month now too….this is F-ing BS!  But let’s not dwell on the negative.

Let’s see, what else.  I’ve been able to spend more time with some friends that I’ve neglected for a while, and got a chance to enjoy some lovely home bbq, getting lost down in Coal Harbour, dirty jokes (when do we not have these?????), and a plentiful visit to the Farmer’s “Marjet” (<– stupid auto-correct didn’t auto-correct).  And what did all this amount to?  One liners that will forever be remembered, late nights, and an overall decline in IQ of those present.  These were good times.  And the topic of how much Karsina loves his cherng always seems to come up in his absence.

The highlight of the past 35 days has got to be the ISA concert I went to in Seattle!  It was here that I met 2 die-hard WongFu Fans!  It was such a treat to have spent the day with Sami and Marissa for Rirry and I.  The wait at the border became a bit much, and my tardiness certainly never fails, but all in all, the trip was amazing beyond imagination!  How could it have gone wrong?  VIP passes for Rirry and I, and Sami and Marissa had Backstage Passes!  This meant a Meet and Greet with the performers of the show, and autographs!  I mean, we did have a couple of hiccups during our drive, hiccups which nearly ended our lives, but we returned home safe and sound, totally exhausted, and completely wired from the excitement of that evening.

Did I mention that we were basically lining up starting at 3:30pm?  And I actually had to walk all the way from SAFECO Field to Pike & 5th (that’s a 60 min walk to and from) just to find a drug store that did instant prints so I could get them signed?  Yes, CORE!  Keep reading and you’ll see what I got signed!

*side note: I just realized it’s 12:51am and I’m supposed to be at work by 8am tomorrow…..ack!*

So most of you probably don’t know what or who the ISA is.  ISA stands for International Secret Agents.  Check them out at  Anyway, the group was founded by the ever so popular Wong Fu Productions (known for their video shorts such as: Yellow Fever) and Far East Movement (who quickly rose to world wide recognition with tracks such as Rocketeer and Like a G6).  They showcase mostly YouTube personalities, and lucky for us, they chose to kick off their 2011 tour in Seattle at the Showbox Sodo!  So who did they bring with them this time?  Let’s go through the list in order of appearance:

Hosts: Ryan Higa (AKA Niga Higa.  And Rirry ❤ Ryan), Kevin Wu (AKA Kev Jumba), and Cathy Nguyen: If you don’t know who they are, they’re a pretty fun bunch and you’ll always see them appear in each others’  videos or in the videos of Wong Fu Productions.

New Heights: They’re an up and coming band from and based in Seattle.  They did a 3 song set, which was brief, but they’re actually pretty good!  And they even had Clara C come on to sing a song with them!  HOW COOL IS THAT!

Victor Kim: Oh how I love thee.  🙂  I’ve been admiring Victor for a while, and the more I learn about him, the more impressed I am!  Not only is he a great dancer, having won Season 3 of America’s Best Dance Crew with his gang Quest Crew, but he also has a great singing voice, and he’s one of the sweetest and warmest people I’ve ever met!  Yes, that’s right, MET!  And what made the meeting so amazing was that he took the time to sign this picture for me and said that he thought it was pretty awesome what I did!  Notice the crown above his signature?  ❤  Love that he took the time to add in that extra bit!  I must give credit to Sami because she was the one who dragged us to make a dash for the back of the venue and ended up being one of the first 50 people in line for the Meet and Greet, which meant the Performers were not yet exhausted from signing hundreds of items and had the energy to smile and converse with us!  Here’s the picture:

i.aM.mE Crew: This group was this year’s winner of America’s Best Dance Crew!  And they are completely deserving of this title!  And Chachi, what a beautiful and talented girl she was.  She’s such a sweetheart!

David Choi: This guy is one of the most talented musicians I have ever encountered.  He basically writes the music and lyrics to all of his songs, AND he produces each one of them for his album.  His voice is soothing to listen to, and actually, it was his music that helped me through a really stressful time I went through earlier this year.  My favorite song of his, and one of my all time favorite songs ever, is his song “By My Side” which I have decided would be the song used in my wedding video (just gotta find the male lead in this wedding video of mine….. and in my life too :p).  Lucky me, I got to meet him TWICE this year!  The first time was when he had a show in Vancouver, this was back in April this year.  Lucky me, I got to take a picture with him after the show during his Meet and Greet session!  So when the opportunity presented for me to meet him once again, I took it and had him sign our photo.  Here it is!

Wong Fu Productions [Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, & Philip Wang]: So they’re not really performers….. but they definitely have something to show!  They’re well known for their videos which became viral even before YouTube came along.  They’ve worked with some pretty big names, such as FreddieW, Harry Shum Jr., and their pals FM!  And even though each of them are very unique in their own style of filming, when combined, they make one hell of a team!  I’ve been following them for YEARS!  Lucky for us who went to this ISA show, we got first glance at their newest short called “The Screen Test“.  And as if that wasn’t enough, Phil even did a live performance of “Dance To This Song” with KevJumba and David Choi!  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised!

Far East Movement [AKA FM]: They, were the headliner of the show.  And they totally deserved and owned it!  Maybe it was because I was right up at the front, but FM seriously puts on a good show!  And the level of energy they bring out to the stage with them is INSANE!  Seriously.  I really do mean INSANE!  Prohgress actually stood up on something at the front of the stage, and let himself fall backwards into a crowd dominated by LGs.  And I swear people had their cameras into his back trying to hold him up!  Kev Nish said that Prohgress loves doing stuff like that, so a camera or two pounded into his back are simply inconsequential.

So that was the show’s lineup.  I’d post more pictures but I didn’t really know how to use my camera so my pictures turned out terrible.  I have sufficient photos to keep that night fresh in my mind.  🙂  That and Sami took some awesome videos and pictures.  I sure hope they do a Vancouver show in the next year.  That would be amazing!

Alright, it’s now just after 2:30am.  I REALLY need to get some sleep in…..


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