An Epiphany…..maybe?

This song is one of my all time favorite songs.  I’ve listened to 張惠妹’s version, the original version, a million times.  But it wasn’t until I had fully listened to JJ Lin’s version of it tonight that I had realized something.  I often wonder about why it is that I have such difficulty getting comfortable with someone.  Being able to get close to them.  To open myself up to them.  And finally, it hit me.  This song, this instance, I realized that it was because I feared envisioning a future with them.  Without expectation, there can be no disappointment.  And for that very reason, I have continued my pursuit for happiness with such detrimental reservations.

So does realizing this help anything?  Possibly, but unlikely in the immediate future.  Scars like this take time to heal.  It requires my willingness, and the patience and persistence of someone special to fix what was once damaged.


About five8teen

Sometimes known to be "One of the Guys", but genetically I'm "XX". I'm a bit all over the place to be honest. But that's what keeps my days interesting I guess, and I'm never truly bored. So to keep track of this randomness so that 40 years down the road I can still look back and remember what I did on May 8/2011, I took the advice of a dear friend, and started this blog.
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One Response to An Epiphany…..maybe?

  1. Lexxing says:

    Here is a quote I heard. Let go and let flow!. Guess it means don’t be to logical and go with your gut.

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