Species of the Ignorant Kind….

We all know at least one, two, three, or maybe even more than what can be counted by both hands and feet combined, of these people.  People who simply cannot see past their own ignorance, deeming themselves so high and mighty and knowledgeable that no other suggestions or ideas, despite it being proven to be better and more effective, could be better.

How can one overcome such ignorance?  For them, yes, ignorance is bliss, but how about those of us who are not that lacking?  How are we to deal with such difficult individuals?  The benefits of the alternative have been clearly illustrated and proven, and yet they still insist upon their own ways.  I find it nearly…..impossible.  Maybe I’m just not finding the right way to communicate.  Mind you, in my situation, I simply do not have the “right” to be blunt with my words, and even if I did, my bluntness may not be effective in communicating to someone who is so averse to suggestions of others.

Any suggestions?

PS: If you’re wondering how this post fits into the last part of “Things That Make Me Go “WTF?” (and sometimes followed by the though of smacking them upside the head…..)”, it just does.  I’d rather leave out the details…..


About five8teen

Sometimes known to be "One of the Guys", but genetically I'm "XX". I'm a bit all over the place to be honest. But that's what keeps my days interesting I guess, and I'm never truly bored. So to keep track of this randomness so that 40 years down the road I can still look back and remember what I did on May 8/2011, I took the advice of a dear friend, and started this blog.
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